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About Us

Nick R.We are professional real estate investors who live and work in the Sarasota Bradenton area.

Because of our years of experience in construction and real estate, we have helped many homeowners in our county providing winning solutions to help get them out of their sticky situations… like foreclosure, trying to sell a house fast while in a divorce, behind in payments, tired of your tenants, owning a burdensome property, probate, any many more.

We like to consider ourselves a real estate solutions company (who’s based out of Bradenton,FL). And that’s because our offer comes second to helping EVERY homeowner who contacts us (although we have a pretty darn good guaranteed cash offer to give)… even if we never buy their house. We aren’t only about buying and selling houses. We’re about solving YOUR needs—in other words, we sleep well at night because we treat people right.

To add to it, we’re also a locally owned business so we can better help the homeowners in Sarasota and Manatee County. We buy houses Sarasota Bradenton and all surrounding areas.

We work harder than others to help homeowners for multiple reasons. Other than the pure fact that to help you is the right thing to do… we want you to tell your friends about the positive experiences you have had with us. Whether it’s our advice over the phone that led you down the right path, the great customer service, that fast service, or you were able to get a great deal for your house… we hope that you will pass on the information about your experiences with them (and share them with us as well!) so that your friends will come to us when they have real estate needs.

I’ll let you in on an industry secret…

We aren’t your typical home buyer or investor. Investors will give you a “cash” price for your house, and if you accept it, they’ll start running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to find a buyer (much like a real estate agent) to sell the contract to a different cash buyer… but we buy directly from you. There is no middle man when you contact us. It’s our own cash and our own team.

SRQ Home Buyers is a small company that has worked hard to build a network of contractors, home renovators, lending institutions, and friends like you who deal in the housing market.

We work hard to please all our clients making sure that whenever you have real estate needs you will always come back to us to fill those needs. So if you want to sell a house fast for cash, only work with the best.

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We are professional home buyers who live and work in the Sarasota Bradenton area.
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How We Work With Homeowners

Our services are most suitable for properties that are not in the best condition or need updating, OR the seller needs to sell the house faster than a normal transaction takes (we can take 5 days for you to sell). If listing it and NOT using our service, there is some risk attached when you spend the money for repairs (you may overspend or you may underspend). Our method relieves the seller of the factors of RISK and TIME required to sell properties with an agent.

Our procedure is different in three significant ways:

  1. We buy houses AS-IS… We won’t ask you to do any repairs, or cleanup the place. You take what you want from the property and you can leave the rest including any unwanted items and trash (cluttered or clean it’s up to you!).
  2.  We pay CASH…. There’s no waiting around biting your fingernails off hoping that a buyer qualifies for a mortgage. No banks involved here. Only one company with their own cash.
  3. We can close FAST…. We usually ask about 21 days to officially close after the contract is delivered to the title company. This enables enough time for the title company to do their work. However, we can close even faster when necessary (we have been known to close in 5 days). And, we always work with the seller to close at the seller’s most opportune time, even if the closing needs to be several months in the future for the seller.

What Is Title?

All transactions will be handled by a TITLE COMPANY. The title company ensures the transaction for both buyer and seller and handles all monies and legal obligations…. think of it as a 3rd party middle man that makes sure that everyone gets their cut, everyone gets paid the right amount, and no one gets the short end of the stick.

Also, they make sure that all “t’s” are crossed and the “i’s” are dotted and they’ll even record the transaction at the county office. Before the close, however, they go back into the history of the property to ensure that the seller has the legal right to sell and that there are no other liens holding the property.

At closing, all liens and loans against the property will be settled.

Then, the seller receives the balance of the sales price with a check or wired money.

When the seller leaves the title company, he can rest assured that all obligations on his behalf are completed.

This may all sound complicated but all this is handled on our end so that you can kick back and keep doing what you’re doing.

It all starts with you. First, we will consult with you about your situation and your house. That way, we can answer your questions and you can determine if we are a fit for you. We can give you an idea of what we can do for you or your house over the phone. If you like what we have to say, invite us out to meet you at your house. We’ll do a quick walk through of your house and we’ll answer any questions you have, or, we can strike a deal right then and there to buy your house.

If you have any questions about how we work, the process of selling a house, foreclosure, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

Contact us directly (941) 405-1770

We live, work and worship in Sarasota-Bradenton. We can stop by for a quick visit in a moments notice.

We buy houses Sarasota Bradenton – Sell a house fast for cash – Work with us – I guarantee you’ll love it?